Cable Railing Is the Best for Your Deck and Outdoor Living Space

There are many reasons why people might choose cable railing over other types of railing. This quick explainer will introduce some of the most common motivators along with a few ideas most homeowners never consider.

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Basic Reasons You Should Pick Cable Railing

Railing designed just for you

Does your deck look more like an afterthought than a triumph of exterior design? We can help, and if our experience tells us anything, then cable railing could be the magic sauce.

We install custom cable railing systems

What's in a sturdy, good-looking railing? If it's made of cable, then the answer is a lot less involved than you think. This uniquely attractive form of railing system covers large runs of space with minimal material overhead, creating open views that are as economical as they look.

Cable railing systems compliment most home designs

Of course, even though it's one of our visual favorites, cable railing's modern look isn't everyone's first pick. People choose this type of barrier because it's

  • Less likely to obstruct views than other types of railing, making it a good choice for decks or patios,
  • Very strong and capable of withstanding high winds and other weather conditions,
  • Extremely low maintenance, and
  • Commonly made from reclaimed or upcycled materials that might reduce your environmental footprint.

Let's explore some of those perks.

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Cable Railing Lets You See Farther

Cable railing is the lightweight antidote to classic fencing, balconies, and banister systems. Where these construction options take advantage of their hefty building materials to form barriers, they restrict your view in the process.

Cables have small cross-sections that mean they minimally block your views. If you're trying to turn a cramped mood around, then upgrading to a type of wall that doesn't leave you feeling walled in is a smart move.

Interestingly, we've noticed that cable railing is still popular even among people who absolutely hate the modern minimalist trend.

Are you one of those who proudly reject simplicity and loathe "keeping only those things that bring joy?" Do you prefer lived-in outdoor spaces complete with kids' toys and half-finished gardening projects? This is for you -. Cable railing matches everything from the calm to the kitsch because it itself is quietly unobtrusive.

Cable Railing Is Extremely Durable

Even if you're not worried about the kinds of extreme weather that can destroy properties overnight, cable railing's durability-oriented design features are something to marvel at. The same minimal profiles that make this system such an aesthetic joy serve a functional purpose - The wind flows right around them, minimizing weather-induced strain over the long term.

These same features help cable railing resist snow pileups, moisture inundation, and a host of other natural forces. Although being made of 304 stainless steel does its part for sure, the subtle design elements are just as beneficial as the main event.

Also, recall that cables are flexible enough to withstand stresses that would degrade alternatives. Even though your new railing will be put under permanent tension during the installation process, there's a big difference between a heavy wood beam and a taught length of industrial-grade wire. As your home and deck adjust and evolve in response to the seasons and time, your cable railing will absorb the changes gracefully without batting an eye.

You Don't Have to Spend Nearly as Much Time on Maintenance

This is a big one. Everybody loves owning property, but who wants to spend all their time taking keeping it from falling apart? Even house-flippers and DIY-loving putterers have to take breaks sometimes.

If you want to spend significantly more time enjoying your deck than you do on maintaining it, then cable railing couldn't be a better option. You never have to sand, paint, weatherize, seal, stain, or do any of those kinds of "character-building" jobs. The cable resists water and weather, and the posts can potentially achieve just as much, depending on your choice of building materials.

OK, fine. You can technically still enjoy all of those "fun" pastimes since you'll still have your deck to take care of. Just think of this as a little break that lets you feel like you're accomplishing something great without as much manual labor.

Cable Railing Is the Best: But Does That Make It Right for You?

You might be surprised that we'd throw that one at you after praising cable railing so much, but this isn't a trick question, and we're not trying to mess with your head. Experience has simply taught us that every property is totally unique – and that every homeowner's project deserves a fresh perspective and a clean design slate.

We'd love to help you figure out how cable railing or one of the alternatives could fit into your outdoor lifestyle. Discover how to tie your home together by checking out the cool ideas in our project gallery, or reach out to one of the 3 Brothers Decking experts for a free consultation.

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